Y acaba de salir la versión en inglés para cursos bilingües: INFOFIBLE MISSION

"Fofó, whose real name is Felipe, is a chubby, twelve-year-old kid, with rosy cheeks and a bad temper. He is moody this morning. He looks for his friends at break time. He needs to relax a little bit.
-          What is wrong with you today? – Gugui asks Fofó.
-          Nothing special – Fofó answers.
-          Are you kidding us? – His friends reply. This is their favourite sentence.
-          I don’t like Jacobo, our Physical Education teacher – Fofó finally confesses. He wants us to do a very strange activity.
-          Really??
-          Yes. We must go to the chemist’s and find out our BMI for tomorrow.
-          Your BNI???
-          No, our BMI – Fofó answers – If you want to know what it is, give me some sweets, right?
-          Are you kidding us? – his friends reply.
-          Ok, then, you won’t know.
-          Fine – Loli says – Here have a sweet. Now tell me what BMI is.
-          Ok. Clue number one: BMI is an acronym.
-          I know! – Gugui exclaims – BMI means “Be More Intelligent.”
-          That’s nonsense! – his friends reply – They don’t tell you how intelligent you are at the chemist’s.
-          Ok, I’ll tell you – Fofó says – BMI means “Body Mass Index.”
-          What’s that?
-          You go to the chemist’s, you get your weight, your height, then you do some calculations, and you get a number that tells you if you’re fat or thin.
-          Cool! How do you do that BMI thing, then? – Loli wants to know..."